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Coding and Counting


Our coding and counting service has two main benefits for CCGs.  

Firstly it provides assurance to the governing body and the audit committee that sufficient checks are being carried out on contracted patient activity.  Secondly significant savings can be generated.

Our approach is non-adversarial towards providers (in line with the views of the vast majority of our CCG clients).  Most of the savings we generate come from the incorrect application of specialist flags, where NHS England should have been invoiced rather than the CCG.

We take patient-level data from SUS and SLAM and then run this through our proprietary algorithms.  The output is a narrative report that ​explores any issues we've uncovered combined with a record of the individual records that have been incorrectly invoiced to the CCG.

Clicking on the image below will take you to one of our genuine coding & counting report that has been fully anonymised.

All the figures are real though.

 We uncovered significant savings that the CCG would not otherwise have been aware of.

Some of our Coding and Counting Clients include...

List of CCGs we've worked with

Having initially commissioned Assista to undertake a two-week diagnostic exercise on our contract management and coding and counting, I was impressed by the quality and depth of the diagnostic, and the quality of the report, which not only identified a large number of areas where we could improve our contract challenge processes, but also identified a significant potential saving where the CCG was being wrongly charged for activity, in areas that we would not otherwise have identified.

On this basis I commissioned Assista to work with my staff to identify other areas for challenge, and to support the implementation of the recommendations arising from the original report.

During our time working with Assista I was most impressed that Dean did not need to take up any more than the minimum of time with my staff, and continued to produce in depth analyses, reports and communications on a weekly basis, that has allowed us to make appropriate challenges to our providers and resulted in ‘realised’ significant savings to the CCG. We have also been able to draw upon his expertise and experience to continue to improve our own systems and processes, through a mutually supportive relationship.

I was surprised by the number and depth of analyses carried out using Assista’s own independent methods, that would not otherwise have come to our attention, and would recommend Dean’s work to any CCG who require assurance over their contract management processes and wish to realise savings that they might not otherwise have done.​

My CCG has 2 experienced finance PBR experts who previously have spent some significant time working on the other side in an acute hospital. They were initially cynical about the work, and were more than pleasantly surprised by the savings that Dean found

Mike TreharneCFO, Wirral CCG

We commissioned Assista at a time when the CCG needed to deliver significant QIPP savings, to meet our financial plan, but was struggling to do so. Assista’s approach, of looking at enforceable contract clauses and using high quality analyses of the information covered by these clauses, allowed us not only to focus our contract challenges into areas where we would have greatest success, but provided us with real opportunities to deliver significant savings on our contracts.

I was most impressed with the breadth and quality of analysis that Assista undertook, identifying savings in areas which had not been previously identified by our contracting teams, and presenting these in a compelling way, that our providers could not argue with.

Assista’s experience and knowledge of contracts and contract management has also allowed members of our teams to make improvements to our own contract management processes on an ongoing basis, and I would recommend Assista to any CCG that would like to make not only improvements in their own contract management processes but also genuine ‘realisable’ savings on their contracts.

Donna Enoux 
CFO, East Leicestershire & Rutland CCG

Click on the CD image below to hear Dean and James discuss our approach to coding and counting for our CCG clients

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