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Cost Improvement Programme


We've had many years experience working with trusts/FTs on their Cost Improvement Programmes (CIP) and we've also done a lot of work with CCGs on QIPP and efficiency schemes.  Our approach is to share best practice proactively across our client base and to also work collaboratively with clinical and operational colleagues.

We've found that the unique culture in every NHS organisation means that an idea that works in one place will not necessary work in another.  Therefore, before we suggest and then implement efficiency solutions we take time to diagnose root causes.

Our proprietary project management methodology, Galveston4, gives us a strong and transparent framework in which we can work through your issues.

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Briefing Note 31 outlines some of the approaches we have taken to reduce costs in NHS out patient departments

Briefing Note 35 focuses on the efficiencies that can be made with case note digitisation

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Briefing Note 53 looks at some of the issues DOFs face when dealing with CIP

Briefing Note 56 looks at ways to maximise your spending on medical equipment

cost improvement

Briefing Note 59 looks at 5 methods you can use to lower nursing costs

Theatre Profitability

Briefing Note 68 explores 6 ways of looking at theatre profitability

Cost Improvement Programme

Briefing Note 76 identifies 5 big ways to cut your costs

Cost improvement programme

Briefing Note 79 identifies 20 ways to influence your cost curve


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