Long Term Financial Model

Since 2006 we have worked on more than 50 LTFMs with trusts and foundation trusts across England.  NHS Improvement's recent updating of the LTFM indicate that it will continue to play a key part in any financial modelling that the regulator requires from providers.

Whilst the LTFM was initially designed as the financial model component of foundation trust applications ​it is now used to asses the impact of capital cases and mergers between provider organisations.

Our key learning has been that provider organisations need to adequately stress test their LTFM and also make a concerted effort to keep it up-do-date.  Anticipating the regulator's potential queries can also help to considerably speed up the process of creating a robust LTFM.​

If you'd like to discuss your requirements around your LTFM please don't hesitate to contact us on 0845 111 8775 or at [email protected]

NGH has worked with Assista during the past twelve months to develop its Long Term Financial Model and Financial Strategy. We have always found the service we receive from Assista to be extremely valuable and their wider experience of the NHS a considerable benefit in our planning. Above all we find the team at Assista are willing to offer practical advice to all levels of the Trust helping to engage non-financial staff and board members in financial planning

Andrew Foster 
Deputy Director of Finance, Northampton General Hospital

Briefing Note 87 gives an overview of all the changes made to the latest version of the LTFM

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LTFM mitigations & sensitivities

Briefing Note 45 looks at the mitigations and sensitivities that can be used in an LTFM

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